Thank you Shenena for your honest and personable service. From meeting you back in 2016 and wearing your outfits, I knew for my wedding events I wanted Shenena Sethi outfits to be part of the wedding. 


Rahul had particular tastes and requirements which you exceeded in meeting. Your dedication and passion for the brand is truly showcased in the pieces you produce and service you provide.


From the quality of materials used, to the craftsmanship and finally always being a phone call away Shenena created a true bespoke experience. 


Thank you again -  Rahul and Satty


The Process

Satty has been a client of mine, ever since I started my business. She always said that she wanted me to make her and her partner's wedding outfits when she gets married. 

The new chapter of Satty's life was about to begin and she asked me to make her wedding outfit for her. At the time however, I was opening my factory in Delhi and I couldn't make her outfit, so she wore Sabya Sachi. First of all to think that she wanted my design over one of my favourite designer's, was such a beautiful feeling.  As the lead time for delivery for Grooms was shorter than that of Brides, I was able to make Rahuls sherwani set for him. And I'm glad we did.


Photography: Vip Studio