''What can I say that hasn't already been said? You delivered exactly what I wanted, offered your expert advice when needed and delivered on time as always. One single fittingno alterations, everything made to perfection. I trusted you with my wedding outfit and you did not fail to deliver.  The simplicity of my outfit balanced with Sukhina's and the embroidery that went in to complimenting hers, based off her swatch was incredible!  The above and beyond service was impeccable. Thank you again so much. I'll be adding to my Shenena Sethi menswear collection very soon!''


The Process

When Rajbir told me he was getting married, I was so happy that he found the woman of his dreams and couldn't wait to make his wedding outfit for him.  Being a friend for many years, I was of course by default going to make his outfit for him. Sukhina provided me with a swatch conveying the colour of her outfit and also the embroidery on her outfit.  We embroidered Rajbir's outfit with similar embroidery to that of Sukhina's and this was the result. 


Photography: Gurvir Johal