• Shenena Sethi

Your Right To Choose

So, during this time whilst the world is in lock down due to Corona Virus (13thApril 2020; for the sake of history), I found it an opportunity to do most of the things I’ve wanted to do whilst I couldn’t.  One of which, is telling you my story. My life for the past three and a half years has been full of me following my dreams, with a number of emotional dramas along the way. Some positive, some not so.  The ‘not so’, initiated prior to this time, which I’ll unveil to you along the way. The positive is what I endeavour to live by every day. Everything has shaped me to become the woman I am today and the woman I am becoming, as everything has shaped and is shaping you.

We all know that truth is worse than fiction and it is therefore true that this story will effect many lives. To avoid any collateral damage, I will be creating new names for all characters in my story. I also have no option but to restrain from telling you undeniable parts of my story until further in my career. This will avoid those involved being hurt or judged, as those particular stories would have by then (hopefully) become a part of their distant past. Those that I am writing for (you) will also, by then, become distracted with the sole purpose of this book…which is to inspire you.

This book is faithfully what the title conveys; ‘the right to choose’.  By that, I mean we all have different options that we are able to choose from, every single day and you have the ability to choose the option(s) that is/are right for you. Of course, to do this, you may have to compromise on certain social values, of what is left of them in today’s modern society and there will be people that will get hurt along the way, even when you don’t intend for them to.  Some won’t even become aware of your choices, but your conscience will. Those that do know, may not agree with the choices you make.  But on what basis? My experience reveals that YOUR choice should always prevail, because very few of the people in your life today, will ride it out with you until the end. In addition to this; opting for anything different than your own choice, will not align with the truth of who you are. 

You’ve probably already gathered that I’m able to say the above because I’m not the most conventional woman, nor am I living what is considered (by many in society) a logical life. I’m 35, divorced (well almost), started my life-long dream as a Fashion Designer at the age of 32, which I have no educational background in.  Simply having the eye for style, the passion within and the willingness to learn along the way, allowed me to build a brand that I dreamt about ever since I was 12. I now my own Atelier in Delhi with a team of 25 artisans and a Boutique in London which I manage on my own with the help from very few close to me. I travel with work often and plan to do so even more, to continue to live all the life experiences I dream of.  I’ve loved many times and have been loved. There have also been happily never afters, where I have lost in love. But the one I’m left with today, that has become my world, is the one that I trust and believe in the most. Derived from the choices I’ve made. You’ll find out what and why. 

Sit tight ladies and gents, because this blog, which will turn into my autobiography is about, love, relationships, money, friendships, business, fashion and dreams. In the way that I have lived, am living and plan to live.  

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