Shenena Sethi, the Founder and Designer of our brand has had a flair for Indian fashion from a very young age. She designed outfits for friends and family from only 12 years old and it was her dream to open a label of her own someday.

She is a self taught Designer.  She has, over the years, travelled regularly to India to learn about fabrics, design and Indian manufacturing and much more, as she felt this was the best approach, given that the brands growth would be reliant on creating ensembles in India.

The brand began with Shenena purchasing sarees from India and selling them in the UK. This was her strategy to begin her journey of creating her own label, until she could find vendors to work with in Delhi to create her designs. She then went on to work with a number of vendors to manufacture her designs, but wanted to own her own Atelier, so she could have full control of the entire production of her ensembles, to ensure consistent quality, growth and a seamless process. So she did exactly this. The brand now employs a team of 25 amazing hand embroiderers, machine embroiderers, tailors and pattern cutters, all creating beautiful ensembles for you in our Delhi Atelier.

With an eye for detail and style, Shenena Sethi designs every ensemble herself and will only create designs that she would herself wear. Elegant, timeless and classic, yet contemporary designs are at the brands core. You can see this in the clean cuts, simplistic designs, fine detailing and elegant colour palettes, conveyed in all of Shenena Sethi’s ensembles. She forever quotes ''A breath of forever in a world of temporary''. This is clear in all of her designs. 

Our main client base has so far been the UK and we have now entered the Indian market with the opening of our Delhi store (January 2021). Going online has now opened us up to the world.

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